Our Leadership

In our salon, we derive success from teamwork. Everyone from our salon coordinator to our most senior stylist work hand-in-hand to keep the engine turning.  You can always ask any of our employees should you ever have a question about something - but here is an introduction to the people that serve to make your experience a smooth-sailing, relaxing time in our space. 

Leanna     Cristina     Talia

Our Stylists

Here are our stylists and assistant stylists.  

As techniques change, as products improve, as new services are introduced, we will be prepared through education to satisfy the new demands of our clients. 

If you are new to us, please browse through their profiles and see who might be the best fit for you and your hair needs. 

Talia     Cristina     Jeamy     Ellen     Jaylynn      Nicki



Our Salon Suites

In our Salon Suites, our employees have thrived to where they now operate as partners and independent salon suite renters. 

These stylists and cosmetologists have years of experience and education that continue to make them some of the best in the area.  Salon Suite stylists often work hand-in-hand with our salon stylists to continue to learn and stay up-to-date with industry techniques and styles.  

Check out their profiles to see if the right fit for you may be with one of our Suite stylists! 

Courtney    Marci     Sandra